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vaitheeswaran • Sep 16, 2008

Compressed Air

compressed air can be used as an alternative fuel for petrol and more over it's not a pollutant.for the cars moving below 60 kmph,we can possibly use compressed air in tanks.
Is there any method to convert the effluent gas as internal air conditioning.?suggest me your views.....😉
gohm • Sep 21, 2008
there are several brands of air run cars in production as you point out, we've talked about them a bit previously. I don't quite understand your question about gas and air conditioning, could you explain some more?
vaitheeswaran • Feb 14, 2009
Hi gohm,
I meant about practical feasibility of converting exhaust gas from the cars that run on compressed air into air conditioning. could u possibly get me some solutions?
raj87verma88 • Feb 14, 2009
This has been tried some times but has been a failure. Couple of friends of mine were researching on this for their FYP before they hit a block i.e. it failed. They wanted to run the cars AC using the heat from exhaust gases.
vaitheeswaran • Feb 14, 2009
have they tried it using a heat exchanger or with anything else?
gohm • Feb 14, 2009
difficult, though not impossible. I think right now it is not feasible without implementing additional technology. What are your plans to minimize back pressure, weight & resistance by an a/c system powered by an air run vehicle?
vaitheeswaran • Feb 15, 2009
hi gohm,
I couldn't get clear view about back pressure and its resistance.let us now think about the ordinary car that run on petrol.later we shall match the concept with air run engines.
My idea is that,the average car engine only uses less than half the heat energy generated by fuel combustion. Waste heat in car exhausts can be use to generate high-amplitude sound waves that can power a car's air-conditioning.
What we're doing here is we use very high sound levels where the temperature changes are much higher
Sound waves resonating inside sealed metal tubes create cold spots.
Blowing air over these spots then cools the inside of the car.
however, the process of converting heat into sound is not known.Do u agree with this?
gohm • Feb 15, 2009
I think you need a thermoacoustic sterling engine. It conerts temperature difference into sound. Are you aware of these?
Dr R.T.Jadhav
Dr R.T.Jadhav • Feb 16, 2009
Not being a Mechanical Engineer, I am afraid I do not understand as to what will be the composition of the exhaust and why it will be at high temperature. Further, I believe that for the compressed air we would require a Compresser which would require electricity or any other power source. If only the electricity for it is produced by non conventional methods such as solar/wind/tidal etc, only then we can really say that it is a non polluting system. Conventional methods of power generation such as thermal would only mean that the pollutional source has been shifted from mobile to stationary.

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