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zlatankomplex • Jan 24, 2009

Combustion fluid dynamics


As i just started my course in the above topic I got a question to those of you familary with any CFD. The main problem with CFD is the need of a very small grid and thereby some extremly massive calculations. Is it possible to simplify the simulations by using symetry? For example instead of doing the simulations over the hole room you just do it over half of it and the "mirror" the result. I guess there will be some problems with the boundary conditions but exept for that it could be a easy way to make the simulations much faster.

//Sorry for the english but I´m swedish....................
gohm • Jan 25, 2009
I think your post might be better served in the Chem. section however, you are correct and can simplify however it will greatly depend on the purpose of the results. That should be the deciding factor on which experimentation route is taken.

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