Cloak App On iPhone Helps You Avoid Your Ex, Boss Or Friends

How awkward is it to go to a restaurant with your special someone, where you run into your ex-girlfriend! Well, now you can avoid these things using a new free iPhone app named Cloak. One may call it as anti-social but this app helps to geo-locate friends and competitors. Cloak is developed by two advertising professionals-Chris Baker and Brain Moore.

Cloak pulls data from popular social networking apps, such as Foursquare and Instagram and lets the user know whether the “person of interest” is nearby. It provides a map where users show up at respective positions in bubbles which fades in two hours and disappear within four hours. The app allows users to flag friends (not 'friends' really) and receive notifications when these friends show up in the particular range. Businesses can also use the app to to locate their employees when they are not present in office. With tagline as “incognito mode for real life” Baker said they would be adding Facebook to Cloak someday.


Baker doesn't see any trouble in privacy as Cloak extracts only the information which is added by user. The latest app allows users to let where others are at that time. However, if a user is blocked by acquaintances, he/she won’t get the information about that user. Because someone would use this app to purposefully run into someone, it is always better to disclose the locations only with the people one is comfortable with. “Social has had its moment in the Sun, now people are beginning to revolt”, Baker said. Do share your thoughts on this app in comments below.

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  • Madhava Verma Dantuluri
    Madhava Verma Dantuluri
    This is interesting to know.

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