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@CIVILPRINCESS • 30 Nov, 2009
civil engineering viva questions for IInd years

hi all,

This thread is a compilations of the Viva questions the civil engineering students may face during the viva sessions. Please enlist all questions asked to you/your friends in viva for your university exams.Answers may be discussed in this thread by quoting the specific questions.

i hope all the CEans will contribute for gaining more knowledge and keep this thread alive.:smile:

Get started 👍
@cooltwins • 30 Nov, 2009 here is a question asked during campus placements(my friend mentioned this some time back😀)

what is orientation of building?what should the orientation in the coast of India along the Bay of Bengal be?

hope the CEans out there provide me with the answers for this questions and post more questions.
@CIVILPRINCESS • 30 Nov, 2009 the questions i had to face in this year viva ::smile:

1.what is a caisson?in which condition is this used?
2.what are the types of deep foundation?
3.what is open foundation?
4.what is the difference between designing & drafting?(in CAD lab)
5.what is procedure of design mix?
@CIVILPRINCESS • 30 Nov, 2009
what is orientation of building?what should the orientation in the coast of India along the Bay of Bengal be?
orientation means the building depends on factors like sunlight,air flow into the house,etc.orientation is to plan the house in such a way that we take the maximum advantage of the available resources like sunlight,breeze,etc.

i think the orientation of a building along the bay of Bengal should be south-east.

please correct me if i am wrong.😀
@madugula • 28 Jan, 2010 i think deep foundations are of 2 types.
1. well foundations
2.pile foundations.
and regarding alignment of the building all natural factors are considered like air, light.. they should be available for a happy and comfortable living. and in most of the interviews and competitive exams, they stress more on basics, as far my knowledge is considered.
@madugula • 28 Jan, 2010 procedure of design mix means u have several methods to prepare a design mix. each system has different procedure. so be specific in your question.
@CIVILPRINCESS • 28 Jan, 2010
i think deep foundations are of 2 types.
1. well foundations
2.pile foundations.

Hey madugula,

in the types of foundation i think you forgot to include the shallow foundations.

foundation is of two types:shallow and deep foundations.
there are many shallow foundations like isolated column, raft footing, steel grillage, etc.
in the deep foundations we have well,caisson,pile foundations i think.

correct me if i'm wrong 😀
@madugula • 28 Jan, 2010 yes you are right. but the question you asked is "types of deep foundations" so i didnt include shallow foundations.
@CIVILPRINCESS • 28 Jan, 2010 😳oh!
apologies 😀
didn't check the question before answering.just saw your post and replied.
@madugula • 28 Jan, 2010 no problem.. "to err is human." what do you say.. :smile:

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