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vihangas • Sep 1, 2008

Circuit design help

I have three signals goes from encoder to decoder. Gnd, Comm and vcc.
When there is wireless mode encoder and decoder work independently on their own power resource.
Now in wire mode I have to connect both modules with RJ45 connector having these 3 signals gnd,vcc and comm.. where I will provide gnd and vcc from decoder to encoder.
So when I will insert RJ 45 in both side connector it will disconnect connection of encoder from RF tx and decoder from RF rx. and comm. Will flow through wire connection instead of RF.
I need to make this operation Automatic as I insert, deinsert cable into connector.
I don’t have controller to detect and make decision of insertion, deinsertion of cable.
I cant use relay in Encoder. Circuit works on 12v vcc.
Suggest me some strategy how can I achieve this.
reachrkata • Sep 1, 2008
You say that one of the signals of your cable is also Vcc. Then you can use the Vcc connection in the cable to detect connection of cable. Whenever cable is connected, Vcc is there. You can use this to shift from Wireless to Wire mode.

vihangas • Sep 4, 2008
You can use this to shift from Wireless to Wire mode.
How to shift but?.. I can't use relay for this. so any other option for this?I got 8 wires. out of which I am using 3 for vcc,gnd and communication signal.

reachrkata • Sep 14, 2008
From your post I understand the following -

1) The communication you use id 1-way
2) You have a separate Vcc onnection through the wire even though the encoder and decoer can work with their own supplies.
3) I assume that you have a control signall input in your encoder and decoder which makes it switch from wireless to wire mode.

With these points in mind I have a simple circuit. I have made a jpg of the circuit but dont know how to add it in the post. HELP Please !!!

- Karthik
kiranspm • Sep 16, 2008
Connect the 12VDC relay across the power supply and take a feedback

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