• The Taiwanese company Chipship has announced plan of releasing Smart Glass which will be competing Google Glass.
    And from the proposed specifications, it is killing Google Glass in each & every department.

    smart glass feature 650x300
    Specification :
    - Built-in GPS
    - BT4.0 & Microphone
    - Nine axis sensors to detect speed, light, temperature,position & altitude
    - Cortex A9 processor running at 1.2GHz
    - Supports 802.11n communication
    - HD 720p display resolution
    - Camera 5MP @1080p

    Share your opinions, CEans.
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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran

    MemberJan 26, 2014

    Specs make us think twice before going for Google glass .
    @#-Link-Snipped-# ,
    Is there any intro video on this product?
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