Chinese eat Human Babies for sex

The Seoul Times


The links above speak of some disturbing news! God help us humans! This is received by most people through e-mail and it definitely accounts for some human right action.

Is a new born baby considered as a human or not? If it is considered as a human, then does the baby have a human right as well? How much more scavenger can people get than this?

P.S.: Please don't read this news if you're a pregnant woman or have got any ailments. Parental guidance is adviced.


  • zaveri
    The Seoul Times

    the last photo in this page made me shiver.
  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Man eating another man This occured only during extensive famine never read such a horrid article before in my life I am sure they deserve capital punishment for these acts

    But they not being reported for such a long time itself makes all wonder what is wrong in this world

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