Manashree Thokal
Manashree Thokal
Branch Unspecified
16 Jul 2012

Chess Project using PHP

The idea of this project is to develop an online chess application.


Chess is an interesting an challenging game played between two people. While playing the game, the players are need to make moves. The development of an online application can make it possible for the players to make moves even if they are not physically present together.

The two players should be able to register for the game play. When one player makes a move, an email should be sent to the other notifying him about the move and asking to play his. This way, the players can play the game whenever they have time and access to the internet.

The classes must implement all chess rules and moves, like "castlings", "en passant" captures, stalemates in case the opponent has no longer a legal move and his king is not under attack.

  • PHP
  • HTTP Server

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