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Chemical engineering startup?

I am new here..
I just completed btech chemical engineering.may i know about chemical engineering start up companies and buisness that can be developed in chemical engineering industry.
Akheel Ashraf K
buisness that can be developed in chemical engineering industry
There is no such animal as Chem Engg Industry. All chemical, polymer, food processing, brewing/ fermenting, petrochemical, pharma and biotech industries use chem engg. Usually these are very large scale operations except for the new niche things like 3d tissue printing and drug delivery systems development.
Chem Engg is a truly multidisciplinary area. It straddles too many manufacturing processes.
You may have to be more specific if you want people to suggest activities.
One activity that can be started in a smaller scale may be oleo resins (Flavours and essences) of natural herbs and spices. Profile/02 Plantation & Spice Products/19 Oleoresins & Spice Oil.pdf
Thank you sir..
I really dont know about this industry.Now i am trying to know more about industries.

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