Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ
10 May 2008

Check out Engineering TV!

I only recently came across this place, thru the Electronics Design portal (Electronic Design Welcome). Got a whole collection of videos showcasing the latest and greatest engineering tech! A good way to kill time (instead of watching youtube vids 😉 )

Heres a few to I checked out so far, from different engineering disciplines.
Episode 79 - MARS - Engineering TV (Walking robot in zero gravity using "gecko" feet)

Algae-based Biofuel - Engineering TV (Algae Biofuels, which Gohm had brought up in our biofuel discussions)

Direct Fuel Injection Solution - Engineering TV (solving the pollution problems in 2 stroke engines)

Inspiring Young Engineers - Engineering TV (insights from the creater of the Electric Giraffe)

FPGA-controlled Vocoder Beatboxing - Engineering TV (via LabView.. and check the cool beatboxing effects!)

Theres a lot more. Click on the "tags" if you want to see videos concerning your specific discipline.. but its better to check all of them 😀 The videos are split into two with a very short ad. Don't mind them!

Hopefully watching these vids will motivate us crazy engineers to think out of the box and finally put your ideas into test.


Branch Unspecified
10 years ago
a nice collection do add a lot.

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