Check out Engineering TV!

I only recently came across this place, thru the Electronics Design portal (#-Link-Snipped-#). Got a whole collection of videos showcasing the latest and greatest engineering tech! A good way to kill time (instead of watching youtube vids 😉 )

Heres a few to I checked out so far, from different engineering disciplines.
#-Link-Snipped-# (Walking robot in zero gravity using "gecko" feet)

#-Link-Snipped-# (Algae Biofuels, which Gohm had brought up in our biofuel discussions)

#-Link-Snipped-# (solving the pollution problems in 2 stroke engines)

#-Link-Snipped-# (insights from the creater of the Electric Giraffe)

#-Link-Snipped-# (via LabView.. and check the cool beatboxing effects!)

Theres a lot more. Click on the "tags" if you want to see videos concerning your specific discipline.. but its better to check all of them 😀 The videos are split into two with a very short ad. Don't mind them!

Hopefully watching these vids will motivate us crazy engineers to think out of the box and finally put your ideas into test.


  • friendster7
    a nice collection do add a lot.

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