Check cholesterol using iPhone with smartCARD accessory

If you're concerned about sinusoidal HDL & LDL cholesterol levels in your bloodstream, you need not visit your pathologist frequently. All you need is an iPhone and a new attachment called smartCARD - smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnosis). A special app installed in the phone will perform all the analysis and inform you about the cholesterol levels in about a minute. We need not say that the device will save you a lot of money in the longer run.

DIY cholesterol testing devices have existed for quite some time now; but this is the first time that a small iPhone accessory will do all the complex job. Thanks to the amazing engineering work done by scientists at the Cornell University who've developed smartCARD. The technology this device uses is even more interesting.


The device needs your blood, a tiny drop of it, to be placed on a special strip that changes its color depending on the biomarkers present in the drop of blood. This stip is then fed to the smartCARD attached to your iPhone. iPhone's built-in flash will illuminate the strip momentarily so that iPhone's camera can capture the image. A special app designed to perform image analysis will determine the levels of cholesterol and provide you with an exact reading. It takes only about a minute to do all of that.

The team of scientists behind smartCARD says that the accessory is ready for commercial launch in its current form. Note that the app won't yet tell you the good and bad cholesterol information just yet; but be informed that the team's already working on it.

Do check out the details on the source link below. Do you think the end of pathology labs is nearing?

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  • Kanagasundaram Kuppusamy
    Kanagasundaram Kuppusamy
    Nice application for apple phone user.special application cost is more or less?
    If any android device relevant appliction is there in google market?

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