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KAPILBEC • Jan 13, 2010

Charging and discharging process of rechargeable battery

Suppose we are charging a gadget requiring 12 volts from a 15 volts rechargeable battery.Then, we say that battery is discharging means its voltage level is decreasing .Then how will the gadget be supplied when the voltage level of battery falls below 12 volts.BASICALLY I MEAN TO ASK THAT DOES A RECHRGEABLE BATTERY PROVIDES CONSTANT VOLTAGE VARIABLE CURRENT OR VARIABLE VOLTAGE CONSTANT CURRENT
well regulators IC's are used to maintain constant voltage range,once rectifiers convert the voltage in DC,pricisely speaking it does not follow anything,but you cansay it is constant voltage variable current.
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Well fuel-cells are still in nascent stage and there is no replacement of batteries however there have considerable improvement in battery technology and minimal use of chemicals,so you cant claim them to be in-efficient as they are used as back-up in every critical applications

Well, This is not possible the actual work of the battery can be charged 100% of the efficiency of the discharge. In fact, most of the battery is very inefficient! This is why the use of batteries, in particular is not an efficient use of energy. How much energy should be wasted in the charging and discharging process? However, the battery works best energy storage, is the only completely self-sufficient method of transplantation.😁

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KAPILBEC • Jan 17, 2010
One help whuch u ask to all my friends is ... can you tell me that on discharging of battery the voltage decreases or remins constant
Codes Guides
Codes Guides • Jan 17, 2010
It will decrease. No battery provides a perfectly consistent voltage over time. As a general rule, rechargeable types will provide a 'flatter' discharge curve than non-rechargeable types.

Battery voltage will also vary with load current and temperatures.

- CG
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KAPILBEC • Jan 19, 2010
Thanks very much for your valuable will help me a great deal in doing my project.:d:d:d
Codes Guides
Codes Guides • Jan 19, 2010
Try a Google image search for NiMH discharge curves to get an idea of what you're looking at:

NiMH discharge curve - Google Search - Click here

- CG
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