Charge your mobile during working on it or playing games

hey some days before i read a post in which a idea for mobile charging by pressing it is given i want to modify that idea. Now a days mobiles are used are screen touch but my openion is regarding the keypad mobiles. Can we use a pizoelectric like material to made the pcb of mobiles so by this we get a thing is that when we press any key to give it input i send a input to it but the pressure on switch or key also produce a some short of voltage which may be used to charge the battery. In that post the guy say that we should make a area on mobile by pressing of which we produce electricity or voltage and charge the battery.but in my way we should merge that special area beneath the keypad of mobile so we don't require additional time to charge it or do this exercise. and if we are sucessfull then the mobile discharging problem will be short out upto a great extent.and the battery life will increases.The coolest thing is that if a person uses mobile more then its battery backup will also greator and its a great help for game lovers on mobile.
so friends is this possible and if it does then pls do this or give suggestions how can we modify this.[​IMG] [​IMG]


  • yogi.bharadwaj
    every body tries to make a specific area to add up with phone and by which pressing it gets charged then why don't be that area is its keypad i think its more compitible then the other area added to it.
  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Just one thing we will have very little power generated by the crystal. This power will not be sufficient to charge the battery

    You will need lot of additional circuits to harvest power from the crystal

    Why not you try to build a simpler crystal charger and try to overcome its limitations one at a time

    This area is in lot of research so any thing said now can be changed in a few years time

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