CFBC Boilers at super critical pressure

With advent of CFBC Boilers , a new page is opened in power generation.What is maximum rating of a CFBC boiler & Turbo-alternator presently operative in the world?😉


  • ShrinkDWorld
    what is CFBC boiler?? will you please explain it??😐
  • akpower
    CFBC boiler are Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Boilers.The difference is fuel i.e. coal is burned in fluidized state. Earlier boilers had a static or rotating grate over which coal in lump size (50mm to 250mm ) was burned. Subequently, in pulverised boilers, coal was crushed to powder ( -70 mesh) & burned in suspended form. However in recent technique, coarser particles of coal (6 to 8 mm size) are burned in a bed of hot sand(2mm size) & lime (to reduce sulphur products)in fluidized state.The total mixture of bed material & ash is fluid in nature i.e. it flows like a fluid & ash is discharged outside furnace. I think I have cleared the idea.

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