Ceramic Polar vs. Electrolytic Polar Capacitor

Hello All!
In a project we used a 4.7 uF ceramic capacitor. Due to some accident it went useless so we were going to replace it! In many places we are told that there ain't any Polar ceramic capacitors.And Polarity comes in electrolytic only.But the project manual called that capacitor a ceramic polar and on PCB one point of the capacitor was labeled "+" and also it was written in the manual like the shorter leg is positive etc.
We can not find ceramic polar capacitor so if we use electrolytic polar instead of the ceramic one which has the same capacitance, what will the effect?
Help plz...


  • sauravgoswami
    Well there shudnt be any effect provided the voltage level is same too.
  • manivannan.mv
    ne too go with sourovgoswami

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