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Centralized security system

Project Abstract / Summary : Its a smart security system based on internet of things (IOT) capable of simultaneously attending as many as 1000 homes which may be expanded further. The system can be divided into the center control and individual monitoring units which are present in each home connected to beaglebone black. The individual units monitor the data of sensors and are in continuous touch with the beaglebone black. Now when there is some abrupt change in value of sensor's data the units sends flag to beaglebone which registers this flag and updates the webpage which has the information flashing status of each sensor present in home. And thus in no time it is identified and further action is taken. Its a multipurpose security service system which is composed of products like beaglebone black, keypad, sensors etc.Besides traditional functions such as anti-theft, emergency support , the Control center can support additional services such as senior or sick person services,internet connection and other safety and convenience services. So the system not only cares about public safety but also lays stress on comfortable life.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Actually in India these days a huge amount of infrastructure development is taking place.And our middle class is increasing at a faster rate. Thus new colonies are being developed with faster rate. And security is always the main concern and is one of the promising attribute when you look to buy home in any locality. Thus, what if the colony has a centralized security system, where u just have to register online and then your system is initialized at a reasonable bill per month which you can pay online. Thus it gives a business model as well for a start-up company which wants to focus in this domain. It has got internet , web support 24*7 and good profit as you are generating money.

Project Highlights : Its an idea which can affect large amount of society. A business model in itself which can be implemented and generate good profits. Its not hypothetical and is practically possible .Our project has got everything to standout champion in this competition. It targets everyone living in society, and provides an assurance of security .The setup of control center in each colony can lead to monitor all the security centrally and thus no need to place security personnel themselves at everywhere and monitoring becomes easy. And providing security is not for free , it will be charged on per month basis and thus its an good business model ,if one wants to build a startup security agency.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Participating Team From: Final Year

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