CE Reworked!

Hello CEans!
365 Days of Crazy Engineering & we are rocking! Today, we complete one year of existence on the Internet. CE Forum has been reworked as everything went fine. Click the link to see all new CrazyEngineers Forum!

What’s new on CrazyEngineers? (#-Link-Snipped-#!)

If you asked that question, probably you have not yet visited the CE Forum. Maybe this is your first visit to CrazyEngineers. Here is an overview of changes happened on CrazyEngineers Forum -

1. CE - Newbie Training Center (#-Link-Snipped-#!)

It was noticed that not everyone is aware of how forum system works. CE - Newbie Training Center is a place for our new members where they can try out various activities before starting out on CE Forums. CE Newbie Training Center has articles written by CEans for CEans.

2. CE - Introductions (#-Link-Snipped-#!)

CE- Introductions, as the name suggests is a place for all the members to introduce themselves to the fellow engineers from all over the world. It is an important section and therefore it is now a separate section.

3. Trade Specific Sections (#-Link-Snipped-#!)

All trade specific sections now appear on the main page of forum. You no longer have to click on ‘Technical Discussions’ link to access the trade specific forum.

4. CE - Labs (#-Link-Snipped-#!)

Multi-purpose workshop for Engineers. If you didn’t know what to do with your kick-butt idea, CE - Labs is the place for you. Share it with CEans & we’ll work on it together. If you want to initiate a cross-engineering trade discussion, CE - Labs is the place for you. Its for you!

We are already thinking about a project on CE. Explore the CE - Labs to find out more & contribute.

5. IDEAS | Knowledge Sharing | Articles (#-Link-Snipped-#!)

Engineers need not be techie always. Do you think you have solution for world’s poverty problem? Do you think you have the perfect solution for stopping Software Piracy? Do you know/want to know about Lateral Thinking or Time Travel, this is your section.

Anything worth a healthy discussion goes in IKSA!

6. CE Higher Education (#-Link-Snipped-#!)

A major chunk of CEans are engineering students. Many among them want to do post graduation. CE Higher Education is the section for them. Everyone can contribute to this section. We will introduce dedicated sections for Masters of Sciences/Business Administration/Technology in due course of time.

7. IT & General Help

-CE IT Help (#-Link-Snipped-#!): Aspires to be your computer troubleshooter. Feel free to offer help to others & get helped.

-CE General Help(#-Link-Snipped-#!): To Err is natural to engineers. CE General Help is at your service. CrazyEngineers from all over the world will help you find solutions/decide/choose.

8. CE - InFocus (#-Link-Snipped-#!)

Place to discuss latest happenings from all over the world with engineers. Be a reporter (its fun, isn’t it?) and feel free to share news from your workplace, college or university. Feel free to discuss the CE Newsletters or contribute to CE - Newsletter. Everything is InFocus!

That’s quite a lot! I hope CE is now even more exciting & useful. I wish all
CEans a Very Happy & Exciting CrazyEngineers’ Day! 👍

Hope to see you around!

-The Big K-


  • Jerry
    Everything looks perfect! CE is far better now!

    I'll have to look into all the sections in order to be able to say anything 😉


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