CE - Restructured! Read Me First!


Welcome to the newly restructured CE Forums! 😀

If this is your first visit to CE, you may skip this announcement and directly head over to #-Link-Snipped-#.

All hardcore CEans, read on! [​IMG]

We've been growing rapidly and at this point, we are about to cross 15,000 members! We've been getting all different types of threads and our previous forum structure wasn't very suitable to accommodate all those threads effectively.

Moreover, we needed to be well prepared for all new CEans who'd bring in all their energy & ideas to the forum. We needed a new structure.

Your suggestions from our #-Link-Snipped-# / emails were noted and considered while designing the new structure. I hope most of your suggestions have been incorporated.

Click on the big " CE " button on the top of forums and have a look at the overall structure. There are new sections and some of the existing sections have been renamed.

Discuss this announcement in our newly created Announcements/Articles discussions section ! 😀


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