16 Jun 2006

CE Newbie Training

Hi all New Members of Crazy Engineers community ! 😀

Now that you are a CEan, I request you to go through the Crazy Engineers Newbie Guide quickly before you begin the journey with us.

Click -> ..::Crazy Engineers Newbie Guide::..

You will probably need 2-3 minutes to take the course [​IMG] but that will make sure that your transition from a normal person to CEan is smooth 😎 !

...just kidding! 😁

The newbie guide has been developed by our own CEan team and I am sure that you will find it useful.

Wishing you a Happy Journey!

-The Big K-


Branch Unspecified
20 Jun 2006
one question

Hi biggie, i'm not a newbie but I want to ask one question. At the bottom of forum 'Mark forums as read' link appears. What does it do actually?

crook 😎
20 Jun 2006
it is

Hi Crook!

'Mark Forums Read' link marks the forums as read. This functionality is helpful because you will be notified of new posts in your next visit by colored circles. Check out the forum index page to see what the indicators mean.

So, if you think you do not have new content to read, mark the forums as read and it will be easy for you to track the new posts in your next visit 😀

I hope this helps !

-The Big K-

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