CE forums mouse gestures / keyboard shortcuts !!

I assume many of the CEans will be using mouse gestures in gmail. If you use it, you'd already know that how naturally we get used to it!

For those who aren't familiar, in gmail we can right click mouse and drag it in various directions to browse through mails and return to inbox.


So! As I was browsing CE right after using gmail, I found myself right clicking and dragging to reach to the forum from a specific thread in it.

Obviously, that's what I'm driving at - what if we introduce mouse gestures in CE forums?!
CEans will be able to whoosh through the forums in smooth and fast strokes!

Another related suggestion is keyboard shortcuts for common tasks - new thread, subscribe, scroll to next reply etc.
This might need more discussions regarding the details.

Anyways, let me know what y'all think! 😀


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