CE Code has been created!

I have created a new Google Site for CE Code #-Link-Snipped-#

Mainly for:
  • Programing beginner tutorials. No particular programing language, just the basics:
    • How to think like a programmer
    • Slicing complicated problems
    • Writing pseudo code
    • Flowcharts
    • Specifics on Object Oriented Blah
  • Language specific starting guide, simple and short.
    • Programing competitions and results!
    • Discussion on ways to do this and that... compact ways, specific programming in engineering
    • Improve code. A given code snippet has to be improved, optimized, same point as above :smile:
Biggie, if you have any reservations against this please please tell!! We can remove this Ce site or improve it according to others.

A copy of this thread is posted on Announcements section.

Members who want to contribute to this page can post here and I will give them access for editing. (You might have to PM me your personal gmail account or @crazyengineers.com email, one of the two)


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