14 Nov 2008

CE Ambassadors Team : Inviting Nominations


With CrazyEngineers completing three years of existence and almost 25,000 members, CE plans to form CE Ambassadors Team and is inviting nominations.

The primary purpose of the CE Ambassadors Team is to improve the communication & interaction between forum members.


CE Forums is a great resource for engineers with its unique discussions & activities. However, CE suffers from lack of active communication between members, moderators, editors and admins. Lot of members join who are new to the concept of forums and need help with posting, and expressing their ideas/thoughts/queries clearly.

CE Ambassadors will facilitate bi-directional flow of information between all the members. It also provides a sense of entitlement to members of CE. They will feel represented, involved, and perhaps be able to take a larger part in making CE better.


While the team will be free to come up with its own ideas and implement them, the typical activities of the members will be:-
  • To mentor new members, help them with expressing their ideas, queries and thoughts clearly and introducing them to CE's protocol. Make new members feel at home with CE.
  • To create explanatory posts, guides for new members and answer their specific questions. Provide links to existing discussions if required.
  • Spotting unanswered posts and help them get noticed.
  • Interact actively with CE Editorial, Mod & Admin and other CE teams (to be formed soon) to make sure everyone is in sync with latest activities and happenings on CE Forums.
  • Create threads to gather feedback from forum members.
  • Help in organizing CE City Meets.
  • Help CE Editorial spot CEans who can contribute to CE's front page content.
  • Conduct online meets with other team members to improve teams' activity.
  • Be approachable to CE members through email & IM.
  • Access to soon to be introduced CE Core Team, restricted access section.
  • Each CE Ambassador will get special 'CE Ambassador' tag [or rank] with stars. Will be recognized as Special CEan.
  • Your own @crazyengineers.com email ID for all communication related to CE.
  • Printed Certificate of appreciation on completion of 6 months as CE Ambassador.
Submit your nominaitons in the the following thread, briefly describing why you want to be a CE Ambassador.

Visit the nominations thread:

17 Nov 2008

The last date of application is November 20[sup]th[/sup], 2008. 😀

Visit: https://www.crazyengineers.com/forum/announcements-articles-discussions/7910-ce-ambassadors-team-nominations-discussions-thread.html

for queries & submitting nominations.

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