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Jigar ray
Jigar ray • Nov 2, 2018

Cdac entrance exam payment is not updated.

I paid CDAC entrance exam fee through Google pay using QR code and now it does not show payment status, what should I do now?

Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Nov 4, 2018

@Jigar The best way to solve this issue is first check if your account has been debited with the said amount for the fees. If it is, take a screenshot of the same from your bank's netbanking account details and send it to the CDAC authorities via email and contact via phone also. If it's a technical glitch, I'm sure either your CDAC entrance exam registration would be confirmed or your money will be refunded in your bank within 5-6 working days. Either way, you need to quickly get in touch with CDAC support team.

Jigar ray
Jigar ray • Nov 5, 2018

@Ankita The payment issue is solved now. Thank you for the solution.

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