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husi8400 • Jun 2, 2010

Catia customization

If any one intends to know how to change to default colour of Surfaces in CATIA from the annoying yellow colour to anyother subtle colours then reply to this post ASAP....
And I will let you know how to do so....
vimalcasio • Jun 6, 2010
just right click, select properties, in the properties dialogue box select graphics tab in that there is an option to change colour for both partbody and surface..
husi8400 • Jun 7, 2010
i know abt this dude..... this is the general method to change the colour after creating a new body or surface..... but still would u keep on changing this for every single surface that u create..?????
i have a better this u can simply change the default colour for any new surface or even part body that u create....

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