''Catching'' light

Hey, I have been thinking about this experience:

What would happend if we had a source of light in the space (the sun)
and a part of the light travel for one year in the space with no obstacles. Then we put a mirror, and we put an other mirror very far from the first mirror and we aling them and we ''catch'' the light between the two mirrors.

Inifinite 'rebound' ?

You might say ''lost of light'' . But what if we put a tube made of mirrors in order for the light not to escape ?

mirror l ------------light--------------- l mirror

***********tube made of mirror***********
miror l ------------light----------------------- l mirror

I hope you understand, I hope my question was in the good topic. Sorry for my bad english. If you don't understand I can post a picture that I can make with pain.


  • fred_slayer

    here is a picture, clic for full size
  • gohm
    You will still loose light from reflection, even with a tube(probably more so).
  • fred_slayer
    tanks for your awnser

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