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@pallavi shrivastava • 25 Feb, 2014
Hi kaustabh,

I am a testing trainee in a company in bhopal.I dont have any interest in programming so i have chosen testing as a career so what are the carrer scope in this field and also salary growth.I got a job as a manual tester
@Kaustubh Katdare • 25 Feb, 2014 Welcome to CE, @pallavi shrivastava . I've moved your post to a new thread.

Manual testing is a good way to start career in software testing. Make sure that you understand all the concepts of manual testing and get hands on experience on as many tools and learn techniques. A solid foundation in manual testing is a must for a better career in the QA domain. Unfortunately, many people ignore it.

Once you've developed expertise and gained experience in manual testing (about 4-6 months); you can begin learning automation testing. Ensure that in the next 2 years, you get very comfortable with QTP, Selenium, PERL and other scripting languages or tools.

Why is this important?

Because your career prospects would depend a lot on your skill-set. An expert in manual and automation testing with sufficient experience should find it very easy to get new job with better package and perks. Your growth in any organisation will depend on how much you contribute to your project and how your professional relations are with your team leaders and other bosses.

No one can predict salary growth path. It typically depends on industry conditions, your company, your role and your overall importance in the organisation.

I hope this answers your question. Make sure that you participate in various discussions at CrazyEngineers - because that's one great way to make sure you are up to date with everything that matters.
@pallavi shrivastava • 25 Feb, 2014 what about making career in manual testing
@Kaustubh Katdare • 25 Feb, 2014
pallavi shrivastava
what about making career in manual testing
Do you have any specific question about it? You can always choose to remain in manual testing, but that'd shrink the number of opportunities in the industry and also affect your overall growth in organisation.
@pallavi shrivastava • 25 Feb, 2014 Thankyou sir for your valuable time and feedback
@pallavi shrivastava • 25 Feb, 2014 one last question sir..

how much experience should we have in manual testing to go for a automation testing

and if we go for automation testing will the company provide training for it.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 25 Feb, 2014
pallavi shrivastava
Thankyou sir for your valuable time and feedback
You got helped and we'd expect you to help others 😀 . Make sure that you participate here actively. 👍
@rpriyasrivastavaa • 27 Feb, 2015 hello sir ,
i have passed in electronics and communication engg in the year 2010. due to some personal reason i was not able to do job . bt now i want to restart my career . sombody suggests me dat manual testing is a nice option for me. plz suggest me........
@Sumit Ahuja • 11 Aug, 2015 You can increase your knowledge in manual testing itself and plan for ISTQB certification. I completed the manual testing course from iMeans Infotech Bhopal and cleared the ISTQB certification.
@avgkarthik • 13 Sep, 2015 Hi sir. I have choosen .net course but im unable to understand the concepts.I want to switch to testing. what is ur opinon?
@John Roova • 27 Sep, 2015 hi I am mechanical engineer ,
i am planning change my domain to software field.
which are the best courses i can do ???
I am zero in C C++ and such stuffs
please kindly suggest the best option

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