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Career in IT (Development / Testing) For An Automobile Engineer

Question asked by MUZZU Shk in #Automobiles on Jul 12, 2014
MUZZU Shk · Jul 12, 2014
Hi Sir ,
I am a fresher just done with final year exams BE (automobile) .
But i want to make my future career in IT sector.Most preferably as a developer or tester. According to you is it possible for me to get a good job in IT looking at my background.I am trying to switch my field bcoz m much intrstd in IT and thnk wud b mre productive if i wrk in d area of my interest. What basic knowledge do i require as a fresher to get a good job in testing.
Do i need to do a course without which i wud not be able to get a job in IT? Posted in: #Automobiles
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jul 12, 2014
Rank A1 - PRO
@muzu - Welcome to CrazyEngineers. You need to decide on a lot of things. Do you want to make a career in software development or testing? First decide on that!

Second - whether you will get a job in IT or not, will be totally decided by market conditions, your skills set and how well you can crack aptitude tests, technical and HR interviews. You'll need a solid reason to justify that you need to be in IT given your background in Automobile.

Third - You will need to understand a lot of computing terms, and get a good hold of testing related terms and concepts. You should be able to get that knowledge by joining a software testing course from a reputed institute in your city. Unfortunately there's no 'ONE Course' that guarantees a job in the IT industry. First decide on whether you want to make a career in software testing or development and then pick up the courses that look interesting to you. Start with any company that is willing to give you a job for your knowledge, gain some experience and then move over to bigger companies and roles.

I hope this answers your question.
MUZZU Shk · Jul 24, 2014
Sir thanks for yours valuable sugsestion...within 2 or 3 days i am joining an institute for diploma in software testing..it covers both manual and automation testing plus java fundamentals, some related topics to sql,mobile app testing and android overviews etc..upto my knowledge the info i got relatd the institute is well and good...but i came across some students who have done B.E (non-IT branches ) and few from Bcom...from same institute..the question is if i go for the course den wat wud be d difference in a B.E student as in my case (however i am from automobile and not IT/comps) and a B.Com student...is der any added advantage since both get placed equally for d same job and package?
Sanam Khan
Sanam Khan · Aug 1, 2014
Rank D3 - MASTER
I know quite a few successful software engineers who have an undergraduate degreeandhave worked in different engineering streams, but later on moved to careers in software development & testing.

CS knowledge is required pretty much in every field these days. So, an IT degree is not necessary though you can always go for certifications in line with your computer passion.

I’d suggest you give it some thought before making a switch. You can get more of an idea about the courses, colleges & career opportunities inComputer Science-IT at Indiaeducation.net

Compare that with the prospects of a career in automotive engineering. A career in IT (development/testing) is very different from a career in automotive engineering so it’s worth taking the time now to see which career you think you’d enjoy more.
Saandeep Sreerambatla
Rank A2 - PRO
IF you are joining as a fresher into a company with BE degree. that doesnt make much different if you are IT or non-IT. It makes a very less difference and that can be ignored.

I am glad that you have selected a course for yourself. But learning too many things at the same time might also confuse you.

Here is my suggestion: While taking your course you have wide variety of topics. You will find interest in one or the other of all the subjects. Do some study on that specific course and that helps you finding the rite job.

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