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I have done B. Engg. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) working for a small scale industry, mainly concerned with the production (2 years). I was wondering if I could pursue my career in UK. Before actually plunging blindly, I want to know if any professional technical training or some course would help. With electrical engineering, there are quite a lot of diversifications like High Voltage Engg, Design, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Control Systems etc. What sector would you think has good opportunities in UK? If there are any such institutes in Bangalore, would you please list out. What do you suggest?
Hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.


  • crook
    I guess you are situated in Banagalore at present. You already have a degree in engineering and two years of work experience. Have you applied to any companies in the UK? You may even consider doing post graduation from a good university in UK and then search for a job. I think section option is a better choice.

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