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Career dilemma : T-SQL Developer On Bench and looking for job

Question asked by Atul Sabat in #Coffee Room on Jul 31, 2016
Atul Sabat
Atul Sabat · Jul 31, 2016

As u mentioned above I too faced the difficulties which a fresher faces. I was put into a project which had just started then, for the first 3 months I had no work to be assigned, then I was told to learn powershell, this went for 2 months then they hired an experienced one for the same....then I was put into manual testing, this went around for 9 months..then I got Sql which I had interest on...i learned basics and worked as T-SQL developer for 7-8 months..then our project suddenly had a break down...and now m in bench for 2-3 months....so as m searching for a new job...my profile is not that valuable for good offers...so m planning to learn and go ahead with MS BI..
Please guide me, as per my situation, as if what should be done so that it enhances my career. Ur opinion wud be of great motivation for me

Atal Posted in: #Coffee Room
Atul Sabat
Atul Sabat · Aug 1, 2016
Please help me guys....m in a serious confusion....

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