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Career as Salesforce Developer in IT Industry

Question asked by Jai krishan sinha in #Coffee Room on Nov 24, 2015
Jai krishan sinha
Jai krishan sinha · Nov 24, 2015
I am from CSE background and at the time of my college life I had learnt many languages like Java, dotnet, php, webdesigning (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Android etc. But now I am working in one of the reputed MNC Company as a salesforce developer. I think Salesforce is a niche skill and i want to go into that domain only in future so can anyone explain me regarding Salesforce career in IT industry as a developer and Please explain me also like in web designing part which is the major technology to learn so that with salesforce if i am having web designing knowledge also, I think it will be good. Posted in: #Coffee Room
ram_149955 · Dec 3, 2015
Rank D2 - MASTER
I am working as salesforce engineer and I can share how I feel about salesforce technology. Salesforce is a very niche skill like you mentioned and is in great demand. Right now salesforce is the leader in CRM market and it owns 23% of the total CRM market and it will continue to be the market leader for atleast next 5 years. There are other competitors for salesforce like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar CRM and Infor CRM but salesforce is right now leader among all these.

Salesforce Developer job is kind of full stack developer because you need to take care of the Database(not the regular database but in the cloud), Implementing Business logic, Designing Web pages and Build deployment. Salesforce also involves lot of web designing and you need to be well versed with web development skills like Bootstrap CSS, Jquery and Angular JS.

Having Web designing knowledge is always helpful.. Right now AngualrJS and Bootstrap CSS is in high demand.

I wish I started my career as salesforce developer like you 😀 Good luck.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Dec 3, 2015
Rank A1 - PRO
@Jai krishan sinha Thank you for the wonderful question. @ram_149955 That's a very informative response.

I think that the prospects are very high for anyone trying to build a career in Salesforce domain. Since you've already got the chance right from the beginning, I think you can really build a very fulfilling career if you use your skills well.

First of all, do understand that Salesforce is widely used by various SMBs and therefore even if you someday stop working for a MNC, you can work as a freelancer with sufficient experience under your hat.

It's best that you will get to learn on-the-job about the 'business' (CRM and such) part of things, though all your colleagues will definitely recommend spending some time learning it by studying books about it.

Since you have been given the profile of a Salesforce developer, why not invest time in getting a full-fledged official certification. It will add to your credibility at work and only help you understand things better and envision a career in the field.

If the next question in your mind is about "demand" - Well, I have a few friends in the industry who have been working in this domain for 5+ years. They only tell me that they have seen an increase in demand with every passing year.

You might be working with Apex and Visualforce initially and will definitely get exposed to jQuery & CSS from time to time. So, what you've learnt as CS engineer isn't really being left underutilised. As @ram_149955 pointed out above - the newer technologies such as node.js and Ruby and Rails could also be your winning cards.

I've also heard that Salesforce is opening up its API. So, possibilities are boundless.
Jai krishan sinha
Jai krishan sinha · Dec 5, 2015
Thanks @Ankita Katdare for your wonderful response.I am also planning for salesforce developer certification and hope will be completed soon.
Thanks @ram_149955 for your response .Definitely I know if someone is in salesforce need to have full end to end knowledge.As a developer we need to write code as well as admin knowledge is also required.I am working on one project now where lots of web designing part is used like Bootstrap and jquery.
AGAIN thanks for all your response.
I Want some more reply on my questions on salesforce.So if anyone in salesforce domain please post your comments here on anything related to salesforce.It will definitely help salesforce engineer.Thanks in advance.

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