Car technology implemented in two wheelers

Todays news prove that future two wheelers would be equipped with present car(four wheeler) technologies.Yes Hero Motor Corporation has announced that Its R&D has come up with a new idea that it will be introducing electronic immobilizer , Stop Start , IBS(Integerated braking system) to its future two wheelers.
Hero motorcorp havent released the working of the technology so Let us discuss the possible things that they were used by Hero.
Stop start system- engine will be turned off during idling and it starts when needed.
electronic immobilizer-the engine will not work untill correct key is entered.
IBS- Integrated braking system (same brake handle for both front and back wheels)
Let us discuss it technically CEans....


  • zaveri
    SarathKumar Chandrasekaran
    electronic immobilizer-the engine will not work untill correct key is entered.
    So what is new about this ?

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