Capturing Light

Read an article about how Prof. Ortwin Hess, his phd student Kosmas Tsakmakidis (University of Surrey) and Prof Alan Boardman (Salford University) are attempting to slow and capture light using "negative refractive index metamaterials". They also employ the Goos-Hanchen effect. The idea is to use light instead of electrons to store memory in computers and also "slow light" could be used to increase speeds of optical networks.
For more details:
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  • Elisa
    Looks like a cool idea. How will slowing down of light help in increasing speeds of optical networks?
  • Abhilash41
    Quote from above media release:
    At major interconnection points, where billions of optical data packets arrive simultaneously, it would be useful if we could control this traffic optically, by slowing some data packets to let others through. This system would work in the same way as traffic congestion calming schemes do on our motorways, when a reduction in the speed limit enables swifter overall flow of traffic.

    check these out:
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Awesome.. thanks for the info bro. This would certainly be big thing for communication systems.
  • shyamcn10
    hi i'm new here and i would like to do a paper presentation on anythin within the field of E&C.ANythin that relates to my area of interest ie. solid state devices and junction theory would really help.Please suggest some topics.somethin that is going to be a revolution & has tremendous impact or that is application oriented.

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