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balaseven • Nov 12, 2008

Capacitor &Crystal

Hi all,

Whats the use of capacitors connected to input and output pins of crystals.i.e one terminal of capacitor is connected to crystal pins other terminal to ground.

What the use of capacitor here?
they are used to control the requency and avoid the crystal goin into resonance
rongo024 • Nov 18, 2008
To reduce noise...Actually it helps to smooth operation..
josenit1787 • Nov 20, 2008
To reduce noise...Actually it helps to smooth operation..
It will be of great help if you could elaborate this point a little more.
just2rock • Nov 20, 2008
Let me tell you guys,peizo electric crystals or quartz crystals has timer functionality.So to keep an operational accuracy ,capacitors are grounded,be it from i/p pin or o/p,only for bypassing any surge voltage to get inside the device & damage the same,since crystals are very sensitive to fluctuating current
neo1786 • Nov 25, 2008
the capacitors will ground any spikes produced by the crystal and ensure tht no high frequency comp enters ur circuit.

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