Canon Ultralight Portable Scanner And CaptureOnTouch App Launched For Android And iOS In India

Canon India, the digital imaging giant, today announced that launch of its first ultralight portable scanner
image FORUMLA P-201 and CaptureOnTouch mobile app for easy scanning when on move. This scanner-app combo together shall prove to be an effective tool for consumers, letting them scan documents in several formats including PDF, JPEG, and others. Users have further liberty to share these scans via email or archive in other apps with a click. The scanner come pre-loaded with all the latest image processing options, and sports an Automatic Paper Size Detection. The scanner also has color detection technology, which intelligently determines whether to save a particular scan in Greyscale or color. This bundle of joy is priced at Rs 11,995/-. Also, the CaptureOnTouch app could be availed via Google Play store and iTunes today onwards.


Canon has anchored itself well in the document scanning segment, with all its innovative products boasting nothing but the best available features. Canon enjoys a market share of 25.1% with respect to unit shipment in High-Speed Document Imaging Scanner during the period January-June 2013. The team is seeking to secure a similar leadership in the newly emerging portable scanning segment, and P-201 is sure to pave the required way catering to customers who're constantly in the need of a cost-efficient and compact scanner.


  • Sanyam Khurana
    Sanyam Khurana
    This is indeed a really good device..!
    And making it compatible with Android and IOS is the best part !
    As a student, this can prove utterly beneficial 😁
  • Ambarish Ganesh
    Ambarish Ganesh
    Apart from the scanner and the mobile app, Canon even announced a new business segment which it calls "managed digitization services", in which the company is providing an opportunity to enterprises big and small to scan and digitize their company documents now existing as physical hard copies.

    The company even announced that it shall celebrate October 16th every year as 'Digitization Day', starting Wednesday.

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