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Shraddha Bhomaj
Shraddha Bhomaj • Jul 26, 2018

Can you suggest Innovative project ideas in IoT and Image Processing?

Looking for final year project ideas.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 27, 2018

IoT and image processing go hand in hand because smart devices will have to identify objects that they are connected to. There are multiple ways they can do it - either through fingerprints or through image processing. 

I'd suggest building an IoT based smart signal monitoring system that catches the vehicle identity by reading the number plate. Here's how you it could work -

1. The traffic signal turns 'RED'.

2. It immediately alerts the traffic monitoring cameras to begin looking for anyone's who's not following the signal.

3. If any vehicle crosses the signal while the signal is on, the cameras take a photograph of the vehicle and then employ the signal processing algorithms to read the vehicle's number plate. Nothing fancy here. Simply build a solution to read the number plate. I believe there are several free APIs available on the Internet that you could use to achieve this. 

4. The scanned number is then checked in the database and respective owner is alerted about the traffic breach via SMS.

This project makes use of IoT technologies and image processing and can be used by Government for their smart city projects. 

I hope this helps.

yea its a real time problem if implemented it makes huge difference.

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