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Can you imagine the suffering of hearing impaired people?

Hyundai Motor Group has launched an innovative technology to help hearing-impaired drivers. Hearing-impaired drivers mainly rely on visual and tactile operation. Hyundai Automobile Group combines in-car and out-of-car sound through tactile and visual mode, creating a communication mode for hearing-impaired drivers. Whatever the limitations of the driver's body, it can expand his freedom of travel.

The technology utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze the sound pattern outside the vehicle, and deploys two independent driver assistance systems, AVC and ATC, which work simultaneously, to help hearing-impaired drivers with keen and highly developed tactile senses and coordinated vision.

Audio-visual conversion system can achieve safer driving. It can communicate with the external environment by describing the warning sound of emergency vehicles with pictograms on the head-up display (HUD). Vehicle steering wheel is also equipped with multi-color LED lights, which can display navigation information when driving. Audio-touch conversion system can convert sound data into vibration through steering wheel, reminding drivers of information about external environment, such as distance from obstacles.

Hyundai Motor Group has released a promotional video called Quiet Taxi to show off the technology, aiming to bring hope to drivers with hearing impairment. And Hyundai invited people from all over the country to receive stories and chose Daeho Lee as Seoul's first hearing-impaired taxi driver to demonstrate the driving assistance technology.

Both the video and the technology emphasize the value of "freedom of travel", demonstrating modern efforts to use the latest innovative technology to enable hearing impaired people to drive freely and safely. In addition, Hyundai has developed an application that allows passengers to communicate with hearing-impaired drivers.

Chongqing Feilong Jiangli believes that innovation is great and can make people's life better!

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