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@Mahesindai • 05 Jul, 2012
hello friends...
we are using turbo charges in buses and in lorry and trucks why can't we use turbo charger in bikes it use to increase efficiency know ??
@white_hat • 05 Jul, 2012 A turbocharger works with the pressure and velocity of exhaust gases.In a two-wheeler the exhaust gases produced is not enough to efficiently run a turbocharger.
A supercharger maybe an option..
@Mahesindai • 05 Jul, 2012 why can't we use or try to design a small turbocharge for two wheeler's
@white_hat • 05 Jul, 2012 Find the difference between a turbocharger and supercharger.
@venkatking.v • 05 Jul, 2012 Friends..
Already some turbo charged bikes are available..Honda made a production turbo bike available to the public - CX500T…
Yamaha made a production turbo bike - XJ650 TURBO…
@white_hat • 05 Jul, 2012 Turbocharger for a 100cc motorcycle is not feasible. A supercharger can be added but production cost will be high.
@venkatking.v • 05 Jul, 2012
Turbocharger for a 100cc motorcycle is not feasible. A supercharger can be added but production cost will be high.
sir, can u explain elaborately..?
@white_hat • 06 Jul, 2012
sir, can u explain elaborately..?
Just like i said the 100cc engine does not develop exhaust gases with enough pressure and velocity so that we can use it run a turbine.
Supercharger takes its drive from engine crankshaft itself, this can be used but the overall cost of producing such a engine will be high.The turbine blades is costly to manufacture, the engine must have fuel injection system to optimize its performance.A powerfull engine means the transmission system should be changed ,so the cost of the product will higher.
@Mahesindai • 10 Jul, 2012 thanks friends..........
@Mahendra Shatagar • 05 Mar, 2017 Guys I am currently working on this project(turbocharged two wheeler) . I am facing some problem can anyone guide me.
Plz mail me your thoughts
@naveen ap • 27 Jun, 2018

mr mahendra u will be completed this project or not


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