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AHAD-KHAN • Jun 21, 2008

Can we replace a polar capacitor with a non-polar capacitor in a circuit?

can we replace a polar capacitor with a non-polar capacitor in a circuit
Hey there!

I don't see why you cannot replace them. Just remember that polarized capacitors usually have large capacitance per volume compared to non-polar caps (like ceramic).. so it might be hard to find a non-polar cap with an equivalent value 😉
This is one of the reasons,Polarized capacitors maintain a polarity,and there is also a voltage rating which is not in non-polarized capacitors!!!
reachrkata • Jun 25, 2008
No, non-polarised capacitors also have a voltage rating, whcih depends on their construction.

To answer the question, the usage of polarised or non-polarised capacitor depends on the aplication. One should never apply a negative voltage to a polarised cap lest it will burst/explode/burn. So if your application does not have any situation where the input to the +ve terminal of the polarised cap becomes lesser than its -ve terminal, then either cap can be used.
If there is such a situation, only non-polarised caps should be used.

Right said,well more than polarised n non-polarised wat type of capacitor u use is of more imp!!!!

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