Can Robots steal jobs from humans?

Hi CEans This is CSK for you and I am here to start on the topic” Does Humans want to compete robots in future for job?”. It may look fun on the topic but recent trends project that employers demand and expect robots more than humans as the employees as Robots do the jobs more accurately and with high precision.The recent feeds I had read in CE that “Robots do painting job 90% more faster than humans” by Ramani sir and other feed”Future BPO will be occupied by Robots” projects the future of world.Automation is everywhere in the world and it had made works looking more simple and cost efficiency but this had made a situation where humans should enhance themselves to compete both with humans and robots.Do you think every work in the world should prefer automation?niss3

refer following links to know more:
Robots paint a plane 90% faster than humans at Boeing
IPSoft's Coginitive Technology Will Replace Humans With Robots In BPOs
World's First Stainless Steel Robot With 7 Degrees Of Freedom

we also had some feeds of robots helping hand in medicinal field.Whats your view o this?
I personally think only certain areas where there is a danger for humans to work should be replaced by robots.For example😛eople working in mines, Drainage cleaning , Dying, etc

Pour your views CEans


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