Can peace be achieved with guns in hands?

I had asked this question to an ex-army personnel who was our guide at the Golan Heights in Israel. Israel and its neighbouring countries have been in a 'complicated' relationship for a long time now. I'd believe both countries are trying to achieve peace, but can't drop the guns in their hands!

The same goes with India and Pakistan. We talk about achieving peace between the two nations, but aren't ready to drop the guns. The paranoia, in the modern world, has taken over humanity. I'd like to collect all the views on the topic.

Please be as descriptive as possible with your thoughts.


  • Neda Hashmi
    Neda Hashmi
    I don't think peace can be achieved with gun. it will only increase discontentment between citizen. i have liked several pages on facebook. and reading the comments there somewhat describe what the people think.
    As in our case, i.e, India and Pakistan, they also might not want wars and all like we do. But can't help it. some bunch of people try to ruin the peace, and we are the victims.
    and because of these "some" people, guns had to be taken in hand. we can't just sit and watch others killing and destroying life, peace and properties.
    This has to be an individual effort. its all about government policy, how they deal with the internal trouble makers.
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Its a tricky question to answer but i would answer with what i know.I am a strong believer that We would have got the independence much before as we had it right now. Subash chandra Bose planned to fight British with weapons but Gandhi made non violence method to get freedom. With deep thinking it make us so confused that both may be correct at particular conditions. So situation and root cause may define the power to be used.
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    The question is different here, whether peace can be achieved with guns and the question has to be answered with current situation of the world. We never know what happened in history of India where Gandhi or Nehru did something.

    So coming to the question , peace can never be achieved with guns, guns need no arguments they just can kill people.
    Peace by killing everyone who opposes you or by winning on someone by force and saying it peace is not true.
  • Ekta Sharma
    Ekta Sharma
    Lets inspect both the scenarios:
    1. Guns:
    Our past has witnessed many instances of "peace using guns". Hunger for power,money etc led to two World Wars. This wars not only pulled the economies into an abyss but also it proved to be a great destroyer of the fundamental human rights.
    As for the countries India and Pakistan, since independence they have been fighting over the state of Kashmir.
    What might happen if they declare a war for putting a decisive full stop to the its mine-its mine game?
    - Both the countries will be using their respective tax payers' money to satisfy war resources. Wow. This is why we pay taxes.
    - Thousands of soldiers will be injured and equal number will be dead too. Great use of Human resource.
    -Someone uses nuclear power[although the UN doesn't allows nuclear weapons. Really?They don't allow wars too.],every living being in danger. Who cares? We want Kashmir.
    -Eventually, a country wins and takes its reward home. Internal troublemakers unhappy with the result will bombard the winners. Congratulations winner.​
    2. No Guns:
    Suppose one fine day, the decision makers realize that the fight over the Balkan regions led to World War-1 and a great economic depression. So lets call a meeting with our ministers and search for a solution. Lets discuss the issue in detail with the other nation. A solution created. War averted. What did we achieve?
    -Saved human resources;
    -saved taxpayers' money;
    -saved the humankind from annihilation by not getting carried away and not using nuclear weapons.
    -both nations happy & both win.
    -Can focus on other issues finally. Age old problem solved. PEACE.​
    Yeah.. this is boring. Lets use guns.
  • Anand Tamariya
    Anand Tamariya
    War is result of an anomaly found in minority of human beings to exert control over others. Think of a school bully or ragging incidents in college or rape-incidents or any person having some sort of power - that's a battle at a smaller level and without guns. For a powerful depiction of this anomaly, watch the movie "#-Link-Snipped-#" based on a true research.

    Consequently, to balance that you need to wage a war at times. e.g. world wars or Indo-pak or Indian-Sino wars. In Indian tradition, that's called Dharama-Yudh. Wielding arms is justified in self-defence and even necessary to prevent this kind of anomaly from spreading too far as a form of justice.
  • Pensu
    I guess we are assuming that everyone is going to put guns down! Well, that can be true in a fantasy world, but let's be practical. You cant get 6 billion people to think alike. No matter how peaceful world wants to be, there will always be an Osama or Dawood or Hilter. I mean, there are people who are ready to die in the name of religion so that they will get virgins in heaven! Human race is greedy one, this fact is not going to change. Take Indo-Pak scenario, if any of the side put down guns, other will eat them alive!

    I am not saying that guns bring peace, but everybody needs self defense, and the way world is swinging currently, the peace without guns is practical only in dreams!
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    First of all, let's analyse the topic at hand:

    Can peace be achieved with guns in hands?

    1. Why do you necessarily need a gun to make peace?
    - Because, my brain is too weak to talk the talk or walk the walk that I want things done quickly.

    - I believe I'm God, and can control the 'free-will' that is unique to each human being. It is this 'free will' that enables a man to do good or bad.

    - My sword is not sharp enough to weaken my enemy. Some wise guy once said 'The pen is mightier than the sword'. This got true with the invention of the atomic 'pen' that our honorable governors carry around to initiate war if required.

    - When my enemy is stronger than me and does not show the brains to listen and analyse because of his greed/arrogance/lust/pride/jealousy/anger!

    2. What can be done to change people's ideologies?

    - Gun or No Gun, War or No War, we can't control how a human being thinks and acts.

    There's a saying:

    'Watch your WATCH daily!'
    W - Words

    A - Actions
    T - Thoughts
    C - Character
    H - Health
    Words lead to actions, Actions invoke more thoughts, Thoughts build Character and often Character spoils Health.

    3. So how can peace be attained?

    - When you are at peace with yourself, you are naturally at peace with the whole world.

    People who are not at peace with themselves are often highly ambitious and tend to do unwanted things in the name of so many causes - be it religion, country, patriotism, selfishness, hunger, etc.

    eg: A person who is in need of money and does not have the means to even feed his poor family or look after his sick child, will (if no other option is found) go for stealing.

    People fail to educate themselves about what is good for their mind and body. Greed, lust, anger, pride, are all weakening forms of character that naturally spoils your health, and in turn spoils the health of many other innocent lives.
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    Peace can happen between two parties when both parties are seeking for it.

    For Indo-Pak peace talks, I do not believe that it is happening. Forget about with guns or without guns, both the parties are truly not in for peace talks. If they are, then both should make sure that militants activities doesn't happen at border.

    regarding the question, peach cannot happen with GUNS in hand. With GUNS in hand only threatening or compromise can happen and it cannot be termed as true PEACE.


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