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zeba • Jun 10, 2008

Can one get the code in which C is written?

Where can 1 get the code of C compiler?
priyadarshi • Jun 11, 2008
(Not just C) where does the code of any language exist? Someone creates some lang.

First doubt- how.(its a question not a doubt)

- You can create you own language but you need to create one compiler/interpreter to understand that.

In which lang. Any?

- ofcourse any, but for that comipler needs to understand what the code means, if any one creates a language say english then compiler should understand english to convert it to Machine Code.

I think, after the lang is created, then the compiler/interpreter must be written. But how are the 2 linked?

- as said above compiler interpreter is needed to convert the High level language to Machine code.

How do the electrons behave in a way that they make the pixels darkened on screen (appearance of code), work according to our expectations????

- Every engineer knows that you must not be a exclusion. Whats the doubt

Compiler understands the lang. BUT who understands the compiler?

- compiler changes the HLL to LLL (Machine code). After that the machine understands that once invoked by loader.


- is it a Question? :-x if not please format it correctly
elric • Jun 15, 2008
You can access the CVS repositories of GCC at (exact url being GNU C Compiler - CVS Repositories [Savannah] )
If you dont know how to use CVS (or make, for that matter) , you should probably learn that before trying to play around with a codebase as large as gcc 😛

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