Can anyone explain me the physical meaning of convolution.

we know that when two signals are convulated eg f(t)*g(t),we get the output as F(W).G(W) i.e multiplication in frequency domain but how it is implemented by the modulators i can not understand....please help


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Actually speaking
    Convolution is one way of predicting the response of a LTI system When it's impulse response is known to us

    In other words If you know the impulse response of any Linear Time Invariant System h(t), Then you can easily find out what will be the output of the system with input f(t).

    Lets take a modulator having input f(t)

    Here the impulse response of the modulator will be h(t) and so the output of the modulator for the input f(t) will be given by the convolution of both the signals

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