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@Manashree Thokal • 12 Jul, 2012
This project aims at developing a system which will automate the functioning of the HR Department.


This project automates the selection process activities that the HR Department has to perform prior to and after the actual act of selecting the employees.

The activities the system application should implement are:-
  • Maintain individual Student record.
  • Maintain Section wise Student details.
  • Evaluating Student performance.
  • Conducting the On-Line Text.
  • Generating random ID for each student which is unique.
  • Making only eligible Students to take the test.
  • Allow online registrations for the On-Line Selection Test.
  • Allow online requests and support for the examination.
  • Data updating facilities through a password based system.
  • Creating Database.
  • Inserting Questions into the Database.
  • Recovering/Saving the database.
  • Providing proper Technical Assistance to the User.
  • Generating desired reports.
  • Providing On-Line Help
  • ASP.Net, C#
  • SQL Server
@Yashika Saravanan • 18 Jul, 2018

i need power point presentation about online campus selection


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