CAMLESS engines

Any one please provide me information on camless engines and the wayes to manufacture it....

Also i am in final year and searching for final year project topic ,so please if any one can suggest me some topics then it will really help me...


  • devendra19
    hello dear .u can do it by replace cam through link which is capable of open and close inlet &outlet valve very fast .😀
  • flash319
    2 stroke engines have no cams. They use the piston as the valves. The only other way would be with solinoid actuated valves.
  • tomgeorge
    the cams can be replaced by different mechanisms.say we can use electromechanical,electro hydraulic,electro magnetic etc.informations can be found from Wikipedia and several images of camless engine can be found by searching in google.

    or mail to me at

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