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vstudio3k • Sep 14, 2008

Caller ID Identification with picbasic, help

Hi all,

My group is working on telephone remote control. We built a devices installed in telephone line from residential house that can turn on certain things around the house such as light, tv, etc. We have a few problem right now such as caller ID detection.

We can get signal and decode with (DTMF: MT8870) and microcontroller (PIC16F84A). Our device pickup the phone after 3 rings and able to turn on various things now. We are trying to write a code receive caller ID, so microcontroller can pickup the phone automatically, but we are not able to find any valuable information to finish it.

Please help us
vstudio3k • Sep 23, 2008
I know US use HFK instead of DTMF. I installed one chip "HT9202C operate 4MHz" found from broken phone to use in our device. I captured some binary number (alot ex: 0000000011111110101101010) from pin DOUT, and I have no idea how to decode them. Our microcontroller operate speed chage to 20MHz. I am not able to decode these series numbers on first and second ring with speed operating 5 time faster than the HT9202C. How to decode them. Please help

datasheet HT9202C

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