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@mechart • 01 Jun, 2011
hi guys,
I'm a fresher.😁 I decide to learn autocad 2d and 3d. I went to some instituitions where autocad classes are given. Actually i first went to CAD CENTRE which is a training centre authorised by AUTODESK. And some of my friends suggest me a training centre which situated in heart of ernakulam city (CADD CENTRE, palarivattom). Which training centre is good for learning these courses.
Now im confused 😔about my decisions and im also palning to learn CATIA after this course.😭 So guys please help me out, i heard CADD CENTRE certificates are more valued than others.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 01 Jun, 2011 As far as I know, you should try to learn CATIA. I would not recommend Autocad never. CATIA is advanced software. Just concentrate on one and get hand over it. Another one I will suggest is PRO-E.

Try to learn one of them either CATIA or PRO-E.

Happy learning. 😀
@maraitamilan • 01 Jun, 2011 CADD CENTRE is better mechart its certificate is reputed world wide as it has centres all over the world
@Aashish Joshi • 02 Jun, 2011 Regarding which software to learn:

I would recommend you learn a 2D and a 3D modeling software. (Not AutoCAD 3D)

This is because AutoCAD is a basic software. I am a corporate trainer, the profiles of the people that I train varies from Graduate Trainees to Deputy General Managers. No matter what your position in the corporate ladder, if you are in technical side, you will need AutoCAD.

Now, as far as the 3D software is concerned, if you have a specific industry in mind where you want to go, then learn the software accordingly. For example, in the aerospace industry CATIA is a very popular software. If you come to the plastic molding industry, SolidWorks is popular.

So, depending upon the industry you have different software. However, if you just wish to get acquainted with any 3D modeling software, I would recommend Pro/ENGINEER since it is more popular.

To check the popularity, just go to and do a job search for catia and pro e. You will get about 300 job results for catia and about 30,000 job results for pro e. So in terms of popularity in India, Pro/E has the upper hand.

As far as choosing the institute is concerned, talk to your teachers and peers. I am sure they will guide you in this regard. I cannot recommend either, as I am working for CADD Centre, so naturally I am biased towards it. 😁
@mechart • 03 Jun, 2011 thanks guys !!
@Keerthivasan Ravisankar • 21 Jun, 2011 CADD CENTRE is the well known center for learning any course on mechanical division, and its your wish to select your course.
If you need any kind of updates about software after completing the course, they will update you at any center (CADD CENTER) all over India. If you have the ID that they provide.

All the best
@TejaNaidu • 27 Jun, 2011 catia and pro-e is well improved then autocad. so it's best to learn catia or pro-e.
If u learn autocad after that u must be know about catia&pro-e........
@saimriyaz • 27 Jun, 2011 Autocad is basic course of must start with AUTO CAD then switch to advance software otherwise you will feel difficulty ,auto cad will clear your basics.
After that you can learn CATIA or Solid Works.
Solid Works is gaining lot of importance these days.

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