C Language Input Problem In Time Bound

i want know that how can a program get time bounded input in "C Language"...
i want to ask that when a user input he has only few seconds which i will define as 3 seconds ..
if user not input within 3 second nextline should be compile....
plzzz don't say me "delay" or "sleep" command can use ...
i have already try it ....
i am not understand how this work on this situation ...
plzzz send me a example....
but i don't think so that this problem can be solved by the "sleep/delay" command ..
it may there is a different keyword/function /command
which can solve the problem of time bounded input in "C Language"

plzzz help me .


  • sriramchandrk
    Hi Gaurav,

    I had given a hint to use alarm command, but looks like you dont have much time.
    Hope this is useful
    Please give credit to me while using this code!! ( just joking)

    Thanks & Regards

    void catch_timeout (int sig)
     printf("\nSorry Timeout!!\n");
     signal(SIGALRM, catch_timeout); //reinstall singal handler
    int main()
     unsigned u, ret;
     signal(SIGALRM, catch_timeout); //install signal handler
     printf("Please give value of u in 4 seconds!:");
     ret = alarm(4);
     scanf("%u", &u);
     alarm(0);// in all cases you need to reset alarm
            printf("timeout so moving ahead withe default values for\n");
     // second try
     printf("Please give value of u in atleast in 5 seconds!:");
     ret = alarm(5);
     scanf("%u", &u);
     alarm(0);//in all cases you need to reset alarm
            printf("timeout again so moving ahead withe default values for\n");

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