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alpeshkum • Jun 26, 2007

c drive not showing when i connect it as a secondary drive..

Dear all,

When i connect my harddisk to other pc as a secondary disk, my boot drive not showing in it.

Please help me............
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 26, 2007
Moving the thread to CE IT-Help section.
LORD_EC • Jun 27, 2007
There could be one possible reason for this.The version of windows that you are running does not support the file system of your old hard disk.That is why it is not showing you the C drive of old hard disk.
do a small favor on us.Post window's version and some more details..
no_atkt • Jun 29, 2007
before anything just check whether the jumper is correctly connected

also if its windows it has to be eirther fat32 or ntfs and both of them are shown i guess dont remmber .... tell us what format of partitions are ur disks
Yes, no_atkt has a point about the jumpers. I believe you must set the secondary hard disk as a slave disk using those.

Please give us more info as LORD_EC and no_atkt had requested! Details are important.. It could also help others who are facing similar problems 😀
LORD_EC • Jul 20, 2007
there is a simple solution to all problems associated with jumper/master/slave phenomenon.
Choose the hard disk with which you want to boot.Now connect the jumper to the slave of this main hard disk.
Now do not add any jumper to the other hard disk (neither at master nor at slave).
This way you can see all the drives without any problems.

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