C A T - 2006

Well the exam is finally over!! Now as fas as the analysis for this year's exam is concerned, the pattern was all changed and students along with the institutes providing coaching for CAT are bewildered.
Three sections i.e. LRDI (logic reasoning and data interpretation), Quantitative Analysis and English, all had one or more changes.

*English was quiet tough this year as compared to the questions faced last two years.
*The ones who laid most of their emphasis on Quantitative Analysis were the most lucky ones as it was upto mark and easily scoring.
*LRDI was almost at the same level as previous times.
*The higher cut-off for this year is 103 (out of a total of 300).

IIMs would be, as from the statisics, entertaining students above 105 score!
The result would be out by JANUARY 1ST...All the best!!

Any of our CEans appeared this year??


  • crook
    The Verbal section was a disaster for most of the CAT takers. Data Interpretation & Logic questions were easy and math was a cakewalk. I think the result will be out in December 1st or 2nd week.
  • Neha
    Adding more :

    * The exam duration had been increased by 30 minutes.
    * The total number of questions went down from 90 to 75.

    It is estimated that the best students attempted 45-48 of the total 75questions.
    So, anyone who is confident of scoring more than 100 marks out of the total 300 stands a good chance to get an interview call.

    All the best!!
  • Neha
    Three incorrect questions in CAT-2006

    According to an article in ET, the CAT 2006 paper has three incorrect questions-two in the mathematics and one in the verbal ability section.
  • aashima
    Thats true. Two questions were wrong in a single set. Students are expecting to get some grace marks for the same.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    How about solving CAT questions on CE? Will it be helpful?

    -The Big K-
  • aashima
    Good idea. We can combinely have a discussion on different questions of CAT-2006 and can solve them here on CE.

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